FLEx As a Test

Last week, Desiring God posted an article by Nancy Wilson called “Contentment in Trials: How God Prepared Us for a Brain Tumor.” I’m sharing it with you because it beautifully ties together two recent topics: the first was the idea that a FLEx is a cue to live in God’s Story, and the second was the testimony of Judy Bode, shared in the special MS/HS chapel today.

Nancy recently found out that her son Nate has a brain tumor. By God’s grace, she has come to see these challenges in life as tests, or opportunities to apply the material God has been teaching her. Just as we could view FLEx as a cue to start living as a peculiar character in God’s Story, we could also think of a FLEx as a real-life, open-book test. Nancy Wilson writes,

“When I first began leading women’s Bible studies, I was surprised (and a little unsettled) that almost always, after teaching on a practical topic of Christian living, I would very soon be tested on that very point. If I taught on the sin of worry, something would invariably come up that would be a sore temptation for me to worry about.”

One reason we emphasize FLEx is that we don’t want to merely talk about abstract topics and ideas related to Christian living, we want to live Christianly. She goes on to say,

“Since we know God gives us all tests, we should not be the least bit surprised by them. After all, we are all enrolled in his Bible course, and what kind of class has no testing? So, we should expect tests. And we all know how to prepare for tests: we pay attention to the material, we review, we study, and we apply. Thankfully, God’s tests are always open book.”

Read the rest of her article for yourself here.

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