Disciple-Making Devotion Ideas

Our spotlight is on disciple-making this week. In some sense, disciple-making is happening whenever we’re living out another ThroughLine because modeling a peculiar way of life is how we make and multiply disciples. When I live as a resource-steward in my everyday life, I am multiplying resource-stewards by modeling what it looks like to trust and obey Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. Disciple-making means living out the other ThroughLines for others to imitate, teaching others to worship, obey, and become like Jesus in all of life.

Devotional Resources

Here are some of the resources that were shared last time we covered disciple-making. If you have new resources you’ve come across, feel free to share those by email or in the comments below.

Tip: If an article/post is too long to read in its entirety as a devotional, pick one or two of the author’s points to share and work your way through the post over a few days.


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