What Did We Accomplish?

After our in-service last Friday, we asked you to share what you worked on and what you were most excited about. As I looked through these responses, I was encouraged by two thoughts:

  1. There is a ton of learning and discovery going on in this building, from chemical reactions to pickleball, from water for South Sudan to an iPad Band.
  2. I get to work with an incredible team of teachers who are passionately committed to helping students see and live God’s Story. God is at work at Sioux Falls Christian, and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

What did you work on?

  • Using music to tell stories
  • Social studies maps and presidents
  • Foundations of Faith 1
  • Argument and Persuasion
  • Sex and Purity
  • Connecting scripture to themes, beginning a class passport for supporting our theme “Send Me”
  • Speed build for the Proverbs unit for 7th grade
  • Physical Science and Anatomy/Physiology
  • Teaching Days of the Week
  • Overall Christian Math Umbrella
  • Similarity Unit (Geometry)
  • Reading – Voyage of the Dawn Treader aligned with Bible
  • 6th Language Arts – Fairy Tales
  • 504 plans and Learning Center website info
  • Water for South Sudan giving project
  • 7th Grade Geography units — Rename/Reclaim
  • Empathy training as it relates to the book “Number the Stars” by Lois Lowry.
  • AP stories, La Misma Luna movie study for Spanish 2
  • American Literature – Early American Writing
  • Prophets for 7th graders
  • Rename and Reclaim scope and sequence for the Early Childhood school year, added ThroughLines, Bible verses, and songs, as well as FLEx projects
  • Genetics/Evolution
  • Flat Stanley Reading Unit
  • Social Studies, Writing and Devotions
  • Counseling Theory approach and artifact collection
  • Elections/Campaigns     
  • Memory
  • Government
  • Themes (Fall, Christmas, Love, etc)
  • Chemical reactions
  • Pickleball/Badminton and Archery
  • Chapel theme: creation-enjoying, beauty creating and music program: idolatry-discerning, God(Christ) treasuring, community building
  • Renamed some upcoming units; aligned scripture to our curriculum
  • A unit for Spanish I students
  • iPad Band – creating a worship experience
  • We worked as a team on Renaming/Reclaiming themes, Flex projects, resources and songs to help us focus on the ThroughLines
  • Adding scripture to curriculum units

What are you most excited about?

  • Sharing this with students
  • The scope and sequence we have created makes it manageable
  • Renaming all of the units, and specifying key target objectives for the students, as well as specific ThroughLines to teach through the WHOLE thing.
  • I had never had a specific deepest hope for this unit.  Now I have three specific goals-see that we are all created equal and in God’s image, practice impartiality-not discrimination, recognize prejudice in ourselves.  I hope to integrate some of the worldview training that is happening in the Bible classes in my discussion and writing assignments in this unit.
  • Having a specific story and ThroughLine focus for my sex and purity topic.
  • Having the scripture that gives the purpose for what we teach.
  • The learning targets will help me be more intentional in my teaching. However, I’m even more excited as a dad – I had a chance to hear from elementary teachers who have or will have my kids and I am so excited to know what they will be learning!
  • HOPEFULLY watching the students connect with TfT as they complete their machines unit.
  • Tying the days of the week to the story of Creation
  • The work we put in on “restructuring” our plans to use TfT in the math arena
  • I have so many peers committed to making their teaching distinctively Christian!
  • I’m excited about the depth that we are going to be able to go to with the novel and application pieces. I’m also excited to integrate it so closely with Bible.
  • Tweaking our Fairy Tales study to be more Christ-centered
  • Simply just the time to talk about things in our area…collaboration time
  • I am most excited to see what ideas the kids come up with for our Water for South Sudan project and tying that into our upcoming Literature Circles.
  • Seeing those existing units in a different light!
  • We accomplished sooo much! Our team planned curriculum and ordered materials as well as set a timeline.
  • The connection we will make as a Spanish department with a Spanish-speaking church
  • I feel more organized and had time to update curriculum trak with TfT information
  • It was easy to map out! It didn’t take too much time.
  • We actually found a way to make TfT fit in with early childhood.
  • A starting point that puts all Early Childhood on the same page.
  • Initiating a FLEx around the idea of genetics and what makes us unique
  • I’m excited about what God might do in the hearts of the students. I’m excited to take our literature study and work on discerning idols. The hope is that students would recognize how  idols like fear and acceptance can cause exclusion. It’s exciting to think how that might bring a deeper love and acceptance of classmates (and others) and deepen their understanding of their reading of historical fiction literature.
  • The collaboration that creates excitement about how to include God’s story in everything that we do.
  • My second graders building relationships and encouraging others in their faith.
  • I’m most excited that we took two past units of study and blended them together with throughlines and bible verses.  We also matched our writing and devotions to the same unit to create a God-centered, interdisciplinary unit!
  • Ability to identify Christian “themes and biggest hopes” of the Units
  • That when we get together as a group we can come up with some really good ideas when we work together and brainstorm.
  • Having Rename/Reclaim ideas, Bible verses, songs, and FLEX projects organized for each theme.
  • Creating a culture in our classroom where kids view themselves and others as image bearers of Christ, along with learning what fear of the unfamiliar does to our response
  • Having inspiration for a lesson plan I hope to accomplish that integrates  the learning we’ve gained and connecting that to diabetes.
  • Recognizing the depth of God’s story in all things including a pickleball backhand.
  • Integrating ThroughLines into upcoming thematic material
  • To have a completed project to use in my classroom in the upcoming months
  • Seeing how I can actually easily add TfT to this unit
  • I actually got some lesson plans created!
  • FLEX ideas/ projects.
  • Just the fact we got so much accomplished.

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