January 15 In-Service

Exit Ticket

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TfT Resources & Templates

Prefer digital versions? A Google Doc copy of the Speed Build template is available here.

You can access TfT resources, templates, and support material here.

See the Story – Speed Build



  • ThroughLines Doc – Definitions, connections to the Story, and key verses
  • Best Practice:
    • Consider all 10
    • Identify specific outcomes: What will students learn about this ThroughLine by studying this content?


Fielder’s Choice Ideas

During Fielder’s Choice, you will have time to focus your efforts on the area(s) of your choosing. Start something new or revisit something unfinished. Here are some ideas:

  • Speed Build
  • Rename/Reclaim
    • Look through existing material, lesson plans, and learning activities. What can you reclaim for the better Story by renaming or reframing?
  • Explore samples of TfT Units created by other teachers
  • Identify two ThroughLines for every unit/theme remaining this year.
    • Best Practice: Consider all 10 ThroughLines before choosing your top two
  • Strengthen your classroom Storyline
    • How can “Send Me” become more than a bookend theme?
    • How will you help students see that daily learning experiences in your classroom are preparing and equipping them to pray, “Here am I; send me”?
  • Brainstorm FLEx Ideas
    • Use the ideas in this document as entry points.
    • Brainstorming Best Practice: For each unit/theme you work on, identify at least one FLEx idea for each entry point. I.e., think of one advocacy idea, one myth busting idea, one personal service idea, and etc.
  • Revisit something unfinished
    • Look over your notes from a past TfT in-service and bring an idea to completion
    • Take an idea you heard during the artifact fair and plan a way to bring it into your classroom

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